Happy Holidays from The Savages - 2003

In August Patrick headed off to Amherst College in Massachusetts to begin his college career. He's settled in well, with a busy schedule of classes (Chem, Calc, Japanese), music and sport. All went well until November, when he came down with a mild case of mononucleosis, and he 's now just about back to normal. He arrives in NZ for a 3 week stay on Christmas Day.

Back here in Wellington

Kelly has completed his first year of high school quite happily, playing on the school's cricket and basketball teams. He also is on several basketball training squads and tournament teams and seems to be bouncing a bball whenever he's awake. All 4 of us went to Norfolk Island for a mid-winter holiday in July. It was especially nice as we knew it would be our last family outing before Pat went off to college.